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Winter boots from 20,99 Euro, the price is cool!
Filii Barefoot the original since 2008 known from TV


Extremely flexible shoes

Hoorey, winter is here!

Original barefoot shoes

Every day barefoot to work in original Filii barefoot shoes

Filii-Barefoot shoes– The way you feel

When in 2008 the little daughter of the company founders Brigitte and Thorsten Weiß dared to take her first steps, the two parents searched in vain for a children's barefoot shoes with all the positive characteristics of barefoot walking. Equipped with the craftsmanship, they began to reinvent the children's shoes. Inspired by the encouragement of many parents from play groups and the expertise of pediatricians, orthopedists and midwives, the original Filii barefoot shoe was born.


Filii barefoot shoes for children

Support your child from the very first step and with the original Filii barefoot shoes give them all the benefits of natural and original walking barefoot. In contrast to sturdy shoes, walking in barefoot shoes trains the sense of balance, strengthens the foot muscles, prevents misalignments and promotes a healthy posture. Protect the small, sensitive feet without supporting them, let your child feel and touch all surfaces and rediscover the world with every step.

Filii barefoot shoes for adults

Send your feet on vacation forever and benefit from all the advantages of original, natural barefoot walking. Train your senses, optimally support your daily vein training, prevent heel spurs and hallux valgus and say goodbye to your back pain. Choose the original Filii barefoot shoes as your daily companion on all routes - whether at work, while traveling, on walks or in the gym.

Original Filii-Barefoot shoes – Extremly flexible und soft

Original Filii-Barefoot shoes – The natural way to walk

We are all born barefoot. Walking barefoot means natural ball gait where stress on hip and knee joints is reduced. It is the anatomically correct form of walking. Like the hand, the foot is a very sensitive organ for touch. The daily, natural training of the feet while walking in barefoot shoes strengthens ligaments, tendons and muscles from an early age and maintains suppleness into old age.
According to the German Shoe Institute, 98% of all newborns are born with healthy feet. A recent comparative study by sports physicians in Germany and South Africa with young people between the ages of six and 18 impressively proves that walking barefoot has a great, positive influence on foot development. We do everything to ensure that your child's feet remain healthy and that you walk upright through the world on strong feet as an adult.



Einzigartige Passform
Unique fit
Maximum toe clearance
Natürlicher Ballengang durch flexible, dünne Nullabsatzsohle
Natural ball gait due to
flexible, thin zero heel sole
Geschütztes Barfußlaufgefühl
Protected barefoot walking feeling
Trains the sensorimotor system
Trainiert die Balance
Trains the balance
Strengthens the muscles
Zertifizierte Materialien
Certified materials
(REACH, CADS, Öko-Tex 100)
Design & Entwicklung in Deutschland
Design & Development in Germany
Sustainable and fair production in the EU

We only manufacture our sustainable minimal shoes in the EU, specially for you and climate protection and only with process materials tested for harmful substances with certificates especially for you and climate protection.

Treat yourself to something good!

For the production of the original Filii barefoot shoes/minimal shoes we use only high quality suede, only European leather and none from Argentina or India and without chrome 6 according to CADS.


Our organic leather is sustainable and vegetable tanned and even compostable. Therefore, please impregnate the beautiful smooth suede with high-quality impregnation spray before the first day, otherwise it becomes hard and that is user error and not a reason for complaint.


Further, for all vegan shoe models only the best comes into question for you: Organic KbA/ GOTS & OEKO CERTIFIED materials.


The unique Filii rubber sole is very slip-resistant, does not contain latex and is therefore ideally suited for latex allergy sufferers.


All materials used in the Filii collection are carefully and responsibly selected by us and our international staff, based on our philosophy of sustainability and human protection.


We consciously forego our margin to only produce our original Filii barefoot shoes, known from television Development in Germany since 2008, in the EU. Many new barefoot shoe manufacturers produce in China / India / Vietnam, you are welcome to decide for yourself where your new minimal shoes / shoes come from.Many new barefoot shoe manufacturers produce in China/India/Vietnam, you are welcome to decide for yourself where your new minimal shoes / shoes come from. We offer you transparency!

Further consciously renounce to produce overseas, despite the strong demand (already 1million) & the price pressure by the new competitors (many not producintg in the EU, due to the important climatic protection in inhuman cheap wage countries overseas).


You are so beautiful, we love you!


WMS Qualitätssiegel

Optimal fit with 100% safety

WMS - Of course it fits, has been a quality seal of the German Shoe Institute for tested children's shoes and the measurement of children's feet for more than 40 years. The changes in children's feet are continuously checked by scientific studies and integrated into WMS - Of course it fits, to give you and your child the highest level of safety and reliability when buying children's shoes.

The water-repellent Filii-Tex-Membrane

For our winter boots, we use our 100% recyclable Filli-Tex-Membrane as effective protection against cold and rain. The functional membrane is harmless to health, windproof, extremely stretchy, breathable and offers optimal comfort in any weather.

Tested for harmful substances and completely harmless

When selecting all materials, we pay very close attention to sustainability and environmental compatibility. "Natural materials for natural walking" is our claim. Feeling good in harmony with nature is our responsibility and an important point of our philosophy. This also includes that all materials used are certified and recyclable.
Dazu ghört auch, dass alle verwendete Materialien zertifiziert und recyclebar sind.

Known from TV

From December 10 to December 14 of December, 2018, at about 19:30 o'clock you could see a little insight into our barefoot shoe manufactory and our outlet in Sindelfingen-Darmsheim on the TV channel for news "WELT".

Schauen Sie mal bei uns rein!

We had our first big appearance on TV in 2016 in the start-up show "Die Höhle der Löwen". After the broadcast of the show, we received a lot of positive feedback and countless orders for our original Filii barefoot shoes from all over Germany. Die Höhle der Löwen 2016
An important milestone in our still young company history.


Die Höhle der Löwen 2016

FAQ - Frequently asked questions

Here you will get detailed answers to specific questions that are certainly also on your mind. You will learn, for example, what makes a barefoot shoe, how to care for it properly and many more interesting things.


Size Advisor - Measure correctly

Die größte Unsicherheit besteht vor allem beim Kauf von Kinderschuhen in der Ermittlung der passenden Größe. Wie das sicher und zweifelsfrei bei unseren original Filii Barfußschuhen geht erfahren Sie mit einem Klick.