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Winter boots from 20,99 Euro, the price is cool!
Filii Barefoot the original since 2008 known from TV


Filii GmbH - the original barefoot shoes for the whole family ("Filii") is known since 2008 as an internationally protected brand for quality barefoot shoes from Swabia. The company is dynamic, young, warm and internationally fast growing. As a pioneer in the field of children's barefoot shoes Made in EU, the label "Filii" (lat. children/sons) stands for healthy, high-quality and stylish barefoot footwear fashion according to WMS standards in narrow, medium and wide, among others. Since September 2018, we have expanded our portfolio to include women's and men's shoes (business and leisure). Filii products are manufactured sustainably and fairly in certified family companies in the EU in the most climate and resource friendly way possible.

We all know by now how important exercise is for the healthy development of our children. Exercise makes you smart! Exercise promotes social skills! Exercise prevents obesity! But did you also know how important movement is, for our sense of balance and that this in turn brings our body, mind and soul into harmony. We adults maintain our balance unconsciously. Children, however, must first learn their sense of balance, which is of enormous importance for motor development. And this does not work without movement! In order to ideally promote this basic need "movement" of every child, Filii shoes are made of robust, soft materials, which does not distort the feeling of walking. The foot can thus develop naturally and does not have to adapt to an unergonomic preformed sole.

Babies seem to have only one goal in the first one or two years of their lives: they want to get up, to become mobile. This plan can only succeed, if the baby trains its sense of balance again and again and for this, this famous barefoot effect is so important: the different surfaces will be perceived in a natural way. The child should walk barefoot at home, but many children have more or less cold feet or can quickly hurt themselves barefoot. Our barefoot shoes offer protection and safety. For cold seasons, the Filli insole made of wool helps to retain heat without slipping. For those who want even more safety for their child, the optional Filii rubber sole provides a secure grip.

For the production of Filii barefoot shoes, we use only materials without harmful substances (current topic: toxic toys from China, India, Africa, etc. toxic dyes, such as PCP, AZO...). The quality label Filii the Original "Made in EU" is very much appreciated and dearly loved by us in Germany and internationally.

The founder of the company, Brigitte Weiß, is not only a graduate engineer but also a designer, human, animal and nature lover, as well as a happy mother of a young daughter, who has now developed into a smart and clever teenager, thanks to our great shoes.The whole family is very proud of the very sustainable product and customers also shape the design. Always a clear, classy but still fashionable signature and the color selection (the world's largest selection of favorite shoes for kids) in the collections reflects the current fashion trend of kids, teens and adults and are thus "very trendy".


"Made in EU" - The difficulty nowadays in the shoe industry is the flexibility to react quickly to demand, as well as to manufacture products in Germany and the EU, from the idea to the final marketing, at a reasonable price/performance ratio. Because where one can do something cheaper today, another can do it even cheaper tomorrow. In our opinion, this leads to a dead end, where real quality, customer satisfaction, design values, environmental aspects and CO² promises do not come to fruition.
We at Filii love you the way you are and appreciate you with all your strengths and weaknesses, we have the right product for your sustainable world protection mission. Not only shoes (everything that man needs) should be produced sustainably and from recycled materials in smaller quantities, instead of mass production mostly under inhumane conditions.


Our competitive advantages, the Filii DNA, remains uncopyable, fingers crossed, the power of Filii, the original, since 2008:


1. Certified family companies in EU according to social and ethical standards. No China or Indonesian product, we leave the sacred rivers of India alone and respect all ethnic peoples and their traditions. Fair wages, no child labor and fair trade, but that's not enough for us - even better, even more sustainable, even more flexible and all that just for you!

2. Filii products protect people, animals and nature, matching sustainable shoe outfit to friday for future demos, earthday, as well as all the other world saving missions. Filii, always "light years" ahead.

3. Use of sustainable materials: such as GOTS, kba cotton, textiles from recycled PET bottles, chrome-free, without chrome 6, vegetable tanned organic leather, oak cork "the new vegan leather" preferably with origin in Portugal or at least in EU. Highly recommended for all allergic and health conscious people. Please spread the word. We support this!

4. Raw material for leather, as well as tanning in the EU.

5. Use of water-based adhesives.

6. Filii feeling shoes can be passed on to siblings due to replaceable insole. Small price and also less waste!

7. Reinvestment of a portion of annual sales in animal, conservation or social projects.

8. Filii pays its taxes in Germany! Not like Amazon and Ebay, so Filii does not sell products on these platforms. Please do not support this, as many do in Germany. Buy local! These bosses, this companies want like many, the world power. We see ourselves as balance, even though we may not be big yet, we also have a voice.

9. Support for novices, small businesses and Filii concept stores in every university town.

10. Shoes with a feeling, even more beautiful than barefoot walking, at every turn.


We wish you much pleasure with our Filii shoes, according to the motto: "Once Filii, always Filii".

Your Filii team